Dr. Gabriel Altit


My name is Gabriel Altit. After completing my medical school at McGill University, I did residency in general
pediatrics at Université de Montréal – CHU Sainte-Justine, as well as, my training in neonatal-perinatal
medicine. During my training in pediatrics and neonatology, I got interested in management of septic shock
in the newborn population and in the co-morbidities associated with complete congenital heart block.

I pursued my training at McGill University – Montreal Children’s Hospital in echocardiography, under the
supervision of the cardiology group and in bronchopulmonary dysplasia, under the supervision of the
respirology group, with continuing exposure to the neonatal intensive care unit. During my training in
echocardiography, I had the opportunity to learn transthoracic anatomical and conventional functional
scanning of normal and congenital heart defect patients. I had the opportunity to work in the congenital
diaphragmatic hernia and bronchopulmonary dysplasia clinic (home oxygen clinic), during which I
interpreted echo/ECG in the context of pulmonary hypertension (PH) and the oxymetric studies of my
patients, under the supervision of Dr Anne-Marie Canakis. I worked closely with Dr Larry Lands, Dr Thérèse
Perreault and Dr Guilherme Sant’anna on a review of the evaluation of BPD patients with PH.

Following that, I have spent a year of post-doctoral training in the echocardiography laboratory at Lucile
Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University. At Stanford, I have done research under the supervision
of Dr Theresa Tacy, pediatric cardiologist and chief of the echocardiography laboratory, as well as, Dr
Shazia Bhombal, neonatologist and cardiologist. I have studied the population of congenital diaphragmatic
hernia (with supervision of Dr Krisa Van Meurs, CDH/ECMO specialist), hypoplastic left heart syndrome and
tricuspid atresia / pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum. I have analysed early
echocardiography markers using deformation analysis of their ventricular function (strain analysis). As well,
I have worked with Dr Jeffrey Feinstein, specialist in pulmonary hypertension, on the population of
bronchopulmonary dysplasia patients with PH at Stanford University. Finally, I have worked with Dr Valerie
Chock, neonatologist, specialist in near infrared spectroscopy, to analyse the renal and cerebral NIRS
behaviors of single ventricular patients in the immediate post-natal period.

At the Montreal Children’s Hospital, I am developing a platform on hemodynamic research. Demographic,
clinical and echocardiography data will be collected prospectively on different population of newborns. My
research focuses on BPD patients with pulmonary hypertension, CDH patients and congenital cardiac
defect patients. I have a particular interest about early neonatal markers of outcomes, as well as,
improving management of these high risk patients. My research targets these populations within the
neonatal unit, during the pediatric growth and within the adult world, as a continuum. I highly encourage
fellows to get interested in doing research in hemodynamic assessment of these newborns. Also, I am
currently completing (2017-2019) a MSc in Clinical Epidemiology at McGill University to be self-sufficient in
bio-statistical analysis.

Gabriel Altit, MDCM, FRCPC, FAAP
Montreal Children’s Hospital at McGill University Health Center