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Numbers Don't LieNeonatology Fellowship

The training at McGill is 2 years in length for a total of 26 rotations. The majority of the core rotations are completed at the Montreal Children’s NICU and the Jewish General NICU. An additional Transport core rotation was introduced in 2016. Other elective rotations include Maternal Fetal Medicine and Neonatal Follow-up.

In addition, trainees must select a field of interest and a research mentor and complete a scholarly activity.

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700Transports per Year
130Babies under 28 wks per year

Montreal Children's Hospital NICU

The new Montreal Children’s Hospital at the Glen site hosts a 52-bed unit to provide ultra specific care to mothers and their babies. The private rooms provide each and every neonate with a secluded and caring environment, which also help reduce the spread of infections. Our unit also offers a special accommodation for twins and their parents.


Jewish General Hospital NICU

The JGH has been named one of Montreal’s top employers for several years, which is very representative of the working conditions in the institution. Fellows, residents and students have consistently appreciated the pleasant environment and felt well supported by a multidisciplinary team of skilled nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers, occupational therapists and neonatologists.